Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ticky Tacky

"Little boxes on the hillside..."

Since its debut in 2005, I have been a surprisingly huge fan of the show Weeds. Surprising because not only have I never done a drug in my life, but also because I didn't even have cable when the show debuted. I was at my now ex-boyfriend's house when I first stumbled upon Weeds, and I was immediately hooked. I insisted that we watch it anytime we happened to be at his house when it was on. I don't know if it's the dark comedy, the characters, or the tone of the show... I just liked it immediately, and have been a huge fan ever since.

Now, I'm not going to lie - there were a few seasons where the show went to places I didn't really understand. I was really sad when the Botwins left California, especially after they left their original home in Agrestic and headed south to Ren Mar. The opening credits the first three seasons were so darn catchy! And I loved the neighborhood they lived in. I was so excited to see them return back to California this season (to the renamed Regrestic neighborhood), and am excited to see how they wrap everything up in the finale tomorrow - no matter how sad I am that the show will end afterwards.

Now, being a huge fan of filming locations, I was always surprised that there weren't more posts regarding filming locations for this show. The first few seasons were at least based in Southern California, so I assumed they did the filming on location here. Having recently relocated to Southern California myself last fall, I made it a goal of mine to find the Agrestic neighborhood since I was just sure it had to be near LA. Last week, I randomly searched for the show on Wikipedia, and was elated to discover that they actually had found the neighborhood! (Why hadn't I checked Wiki before?). The Agrestic neighborhood is actually Stevenson Ranch, located right off of the 5 in Valencia, CA. I literally take this exit almost every time I head south to LA... how did I not see this before?

Last night, my brother asked if I would take him to visit The Getty. He had never been, and actually had a Saturday off (which never happens). I told him I'd be happy to go, as long as we could stop by Agrestic on the way! I was so excited - I even made him stop for Starbucks on the way in honor of Nancy Botwin (who is never without her iced coffee drink). Can't you just feel my excitement in this picture?

Stevenson Ranch Fountain/Agrestic Fountain
Holmes Pl & Stevenson Ranch Pkwy, Stevenson Ranch, CA

There are several other Weeds film locations in the neighborhood, so I vow to go back and do some stalking when I have time. It was just so cool to finally see the site I had watched on TV for so many years. God, I love living in California! It may have been a scorcher in Southern California today, but with an iced coffee drink (I'm drinking the Very Berry Hibiscus Green Coffee) and a nice breeze, I'll put up with it any day. Want to stalk it yourself? The Agrestic/Regrestic fountain is located on the corner of Holmes Place and Stevenson Ranch Dr in Valencia, CA. You can't park on Stevenson Ranch Drive, but if you turn up the hill on Holmes Place, there's plenty of space to park to get your picture. Definitely a must stalk, my friends.

Until next time...

--- Becks