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Many people email me after I post a blog spot asking for addresses for the places I have visited. I try to add those addresses (or at least links to the businesses) in my blog posts for that reason, but I know it's hard to remember where these are by title alone. So here's a collection of the places I've gone to and blogged about - organized by location and all in one spot!

Los Angeles

Hollywood & Film Locations:

  • Lake Hollywood Park (Day Trip with Diego): The post after my first trip to Lake Hollywood Park, an unofficial dog park directly below the Hollywood Sign. Note that the park is not an off-leash park - you'll see many dogs running around off-leash, but the authorities do go by occasionally and they do ticket dog owners. 
  • The Fountain from Weeds (Ticky-Tacky): One of the first film locations I ever found on my own, using hints from Wikipedia and Google maps! I really loved watching Weeds when it was on the air, and was ecstatic to find the fountain they pass by in the credits. (Yes, I'm a nerd). This is super easy to find, and not far off of the freeway.
  • Dark Knight Rises DVD Release Party (Dark Night for the Dark Knight): This is a recap of a great free event held in downtown LA to celebrate the release of the Dark Knight Rises dvd. It's not exactly a film location or something you can attend now, but for film junkies like myself, you might like the props pictured in this post.
  • California Staycations with my Niece (California Girls Part One and Two): Two posts about summer in Southern California with my oldest niece. We covered a lot of my favorite places (Griffith Observatory, Universal Studios, etc), and you can read about them here. 
  • Staycation with Erica (By Land and By Sea): One of my best friends came to work temporarily in California, so we staycationed in San Francisco and Los Angeles! 
  • Another Tour of LA (Hey, hey... It's Your Birthday!): When you find out that your friend has lived in Hollywood for 15 years, and still hasn't seen the Hollywood sign... it's time to give them your version of a tour of LA! We visited the Grammy Museum, FIDM Museum, the Hollywood Sign, and looked at the Universal set from Blair Drive.
  • Staycation with Eugene: Eugene came back to visit, and we really packed it in! We pulled a 13 hour day of tourism on the first day, and two hikes in two counties on day two!

Other California

Hiking Trails:
  • Trail of 100 Giants in Sequoia National Forest (Hiking with Giants): It took me two trips to find these trees... hopefully this post will help you avoid the same fate. Pro-tip: Map the route before you go, and take a paper map with you. Cell coverage is pretty much nonexistent on the roads through Sequoia, and you can get turned around very easily.

New Mexico & More Film Locations

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