Sunday, November 11, 2012

Zero to Thirteen

I miss running. I miss the feeling of the ground pounding beneath my feet, the air deep inside my lungs, and the wind in my hair. I miss the strength running gives to my legs and my core. I miss the freedom that fitness gives you. I miss it all so much, I can hardly take it anymore.

So, why am I not running? Oh, there are so many reasons and excuses I could use here... but do you really want to hear them? Two knee injuries. Heavy school (and now work) loads. Laziness. Relocations. Weather. Now, some of those excuses were plenty valid for a while, but I can no longer think of one that doesn't involve utter laziness.

I stopped running in 2001 after I seriously injured my knee for the second time. It was my own fault - not my body's. I was running 6 miles/day plus going to the gym once or twice a day... PLUS working on my feet in heels at night. I wasn't eating right, or sleeping right, and I definitely wasn't resting when I should. My body just gave out. So when I started my senior year of college, my injury and my course/workload gave me an easy excuse to quit. Oh, how I wish it would have been temporary.

Through the years, I have made many, MANY attempts to pick up my exercise routine again. I've tried running, but I always get worried once I move from the treadmill to the open road. I exercise, but with no real regularity. Luckily, my dog requires at least 2 walks a day... of which, I participate in one of them. UGH! Why do I continue to let myself get so lazy???

This summer, I participated in two 5Ks. The most fun of the two was the Color Me Rad 5K. Never heard of it? Basically, it's a casual run during which you are pelted with corn flour color bombs. It was so much fun!

I know the new year is a couple of months away, but I am already preparing one of my resolutions. Starting last week, I have been training to run again. Ideally, I want to get myself to a point where I could do a half marathon by this time next year. I know I should start with a "Couch to 5k" program, but why stop there? There are several races I'd like to do between now and then, so I might as well get started. Here is my list for 2013, helping prepare me to go from zero to 13.1:

I'm sure I'll hear of other shorter runs that I'll want to participate. The goal the really is just to make it fun to run again. I used to love it so much, I didn't need a gimmick to entice me to do it. Now that I'm lazy and in my 30s, though, a gimmick now and then doesn't hurt. Ha! 

I'll make sure to post my crazy race stories as they happen. Until then, I hope you'll be cheering me along. Come hell or high water, I will be fit again.

Until next time...

--- Becks

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