Saturday, May 11, 2013

Songs for a Rainy Day

Ok, so it was 95 degrees outside and sunny, but it was sure rainy in my heart. Like a lot of people, music means a lot to me. I use music to wallow in sadness when I'm down, to dance my shoes off when I'm happy, and to express my opinion when words don't say enough. Yesterday was a fun and still somewhat sad day. It was fun because I had a great workout, had an even better drive, and got to hang out in LA in celebration of a friend's birthday. It was sad because my favorite TV show - the only show I have ever felt passionate enough about to write about and advocate for - was canceled unceremoniously by its network. I'm glad I had to leave shortly after the announcement - I would have wallowed a bit in my disappointment for sure. My disappointment became outright anger when I logged on later in the evening and discovered they hadn't even had the decency to tell the show's stars before announcing it on Twitter. Completely classless (for those who have no idea what I'm talking about, the show is "SouthLand" and the horrible network is TNT, which I will be boycotting from now on). 

Anyway, a girl I follow on Twitter was posting the top five songs that make her cry. Her songs were some of my favorites, and got me to thinking about songs that reflect how I'm feeling in reaction to yesterday. These songs reflect all parts of yesterday, the happy and the sad. While these are not my favorite songs of all time, they are great songs just the same and I hope that you enjoy them. 

This song will forever remind me of my childhood, and is the perfect soundtrack for long road trips - especially in California. It is the perfect mix of hedonism, entrapment, and harmony in the most deliciously seductive way. The lyrics in the above video are not perfect, but the pictures are amazing.

My brother got me hooked on Imagine Dragons last summer, and I'm oh-so-glad he did. The song is not only catchy, it's uplifting and will definitely appear on my summer mix again in 2013.

Yes, John Mayer is a douche, but he's also a masterful guitarist and musician. This is by far one of my favorite songs of his, and means a lot to me personally. I spent the bulk of my late 20s living to work instead of working to live. It took finally moving to California in 2011 to understand and appreciate the benefit of the latter.

This song is beautiful, and could have easily plopped into the 80s as much as it has today. I relate to this song in so many wonderful ways... I'm glad someone finally penned it. I sometimes feel I never do enough, but sometimes good to appreciate when you're not the problem too.

My own love song/goodbye song to my favorite TV show. "May you return to love one day... well I hope and I pray... you get what you gave...." Sad it went out the way it did, but appreciate the 5 beautiful seasons it gave us while it lasted. 

Until next time...

--- Becks

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