Monday, December 31, 2012

The last 7 years...

My Macbook hates me. Ok, so it doesn't hate me... but it is almost at its memory capacity and therefore running like crap. Alas, I decided that before I shell out money for a new laptop it would probably be best if I cleaned out the current one first. I started with my iPhoto library. For those that know me, it should come as no surprise that the majority of my memory has been dedicated to the storage of my photos. I take photos all the time. I used to take those photos with my trusty Canon camera, but I've relied more and more on my iPhone lately (call it laziness). 

Anyway, as I was cleaning out the pictures on my trusty Macbook, I came across dozens of photos (and memories) that I had completely forgotten about. Long lost friends, coworkers, vacations... it was quite a rush of memories to my noggin. Some of the pictures brought me so much joy - some made me relive pain or realize sadness. But all in all, I'm glad that I have all these pictures to remind me of where I've been (and so I can get a move on to where I'm going). What follows are a couple of my favorite finds in these albums. Enjoy!

Long lost friends from college

The last picture I took in Albuquerque (of my favorite eclectic site on Nob Hill)

My first drive home from Houston in 2006

My oldest niece's first trip to Houston

My last Richton Christmas party before moving to New Orleans

Mom's visit to New Orleans (when brother and I both lived there)

My youngest niece's first trip to Houston (and K's second)

My first sleeping picture of my dog - the day that I adopted him!

Hope you've enjoyed my random trip down memory lane! I'll post more if/when I come across them. Can't wait for the adventures to come in 2013!

Until next time...

--- Becks

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  1. Love it! Thanks for helping create most of our memorable memories!