Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 - RIP

Happy New Year! And good riddance to 2012! 

Ok...So, I'm being a little dramatic when I saw 2012 was awful. There were definitely amazing moments that made it worthwhile. In an attempt to start my year off on a good start, here is a rundown. Now, this list may contain some melancholy moments, but I did my best to outweigh the bad/sad with the good/happy. Life actually works out that way :)


The start of my first full year in California.
 Spent New Year's Day hiking in the bluffs with my dog. 
Saw my first sunset of the year over the ocean in Pismo Beach, CA.


Spent Super Bowl weekend celebrating the 1st birthday of my friend's child in OC.
Went back to Houston for a business trip! 
Got to visit several friends and old colleagues from Houston.
Flew back in First Class!


Had pneumonia and missed the first week and a half of work for the month. :(
Went Whale Watching in Oxnard, CA!


Visited my family back home in New Mexico. 
Raised beautiful roses at my house (I inherited over 30 plants when I bought my house).
Worked Junior League's Charity Bunco Party - raised $12K for a foster care program!
Hiked in the Wind Wolves Preserve.
Lost my grandfather to brain cancer :(


Flew home for a funeral. :(
A  young cousin passed away :( x2
Met Jennifer Love Hewitt at a nail salon in Burbank (no picture though).
My family visited me in California. We went to Morro Bay, Cambria, and Disneyland!

This is my youngest sister and my brother at Disneyland (their first visit!)


Went to the coast twice for work - once to Casmalia/Santa Maria and once to Ventura.
Worked WAY too much overtime


Spent 4th of July weekend hanging out in LA with my dog and friends.
Worked even more overtime :(
Welcomed my very first nephew into the world!
Also welcomed my friend's first daughter to the world!
Went home to New Mexico to visit both friends and family.


Worked WAY too much overtime - again :(
Spent a lovely day in Malibu to get a break for a day - and went to the Sprinkles ATM!
Hung out with a friend in Ventura... at a Green Chile Roast BBQ!!!! So happy!

Can't you just smell the green chile deliciousness? :)


Really worked too much overtime (see my recurring theme for 2012?)
Went to the West Coast Landman's Institute in Dana Point, CA.

My view for three days - totally made up for the overtime the 26 days before!


My mom came to visit by herself! We had soooo much fun!
We visited Sequoia National Park, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara!

We're both windswept, but loved Santa Barbara!

Celebrated my 33rd birthday with my brother.
Spent the weekend before Halloween visiting one of my best friends in Denver, CO.
She treated me to a Denver Broncos football game! And they won!


Spent the majority of the month tied to my desk at work. Hmph. :(
Attended my first Junior League Wine Fest!
Enjoyed a trip home to NM for Thanksgiving!

Who wouldn't want to visit this little face? (My nephew)


Stressed myself out too much over things that don't matter.
Attended a ton of holiday parties. Made new friends!
Went to the Dark Knight exhibit in LA (will blog about that soon!)

Waited too long to do my Christmas shopping.
Went home for Christmas!
Spent the rest of my vacation either at work (yuck) or sick (double yuck).
Closed a HUGE deal at work, thus taking a huge workload off my shoulders for 2013!

All in all, I guess you could say it's been a year. Won't say it's been great, but it's certainly wasn't as bad as I imagined it in my head. For 2013, I will only make one resolution - to put myself (sanity and health wise) first. I can still be compassionate without sacrificing my well-being. I can still be good at my job without killing myself to do so. I have the power to say no sometimes, and I need to start to use it. Cheers to better health, wealth, and joy in the year ahead!

Until next time...

--- Becks

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