Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spring Forward to Summer!

So, since I started this blog a bit late... I'm a bit late on doing my spring recap (I'll do better in the future, I swear!). My first spring as a Californian was amazing. Living in a place that feels like eternal spring is definitely different, but I was a bit amazed how much I felt at home with it.

To kickoff spring in style, I took my brother whale watching in Oxnard, CA (thank you, Groupon!). It was amazing! We only spotted two small whales, but to see them so close and in the wild was super cool. The tour we took coasted us around the Channel Islands, which was really neat to see too. Welcome to CA, right?

Representing the Texans in CA... go figure!

The closest thing to a money shot I got all day. Sigh.

I feel like I've spent a ton of time in the last few months in the Los Angeles area - maybe I should just move there? Ha ha. At least the city isn't too far away - I never thought this small town girl would miss living in the city this much!

The view of the Hollywood Bowl from Mulholland Dr. - the most simultaneously beautiful and terrifying drive in LA.

Poppies growing on the grapevine (I-5 between LA and Bakersfield)

Sitting on the True Blood couch at the Paley Center (thanks to Lindsay Blake of!

And hanging out at the Central Perk!

During my last "pre-family vacation" trip to LA, a coworker and I decided to get our nails done in Burbank. While waiting for our appointment, who do we run into but Jennifer Love Hewitt herself. She was with her mom, so we didn't bother her. I'm glad we didn't too - her mother sadly lost her battle with cancer just weeks later. We also dined at both Bea Bea's in Burbank (terrific French Toast!) and Katsuya in Brentwood. YUM!

I'll post about the recent family stay-cation in my next post, with lots of pictures to come!

Until next time...

--- Becks


  1. Isn't Lindsay wonderful! Love her tips. So cool you saw JLH. Funny thing is that we saw her at a stop light in Beverly Hills a few months ago. In the car next to her? Barbara Streisand! Too funny. I don't think they even noticed each other! :)

  2. Yeah - I'm so happy to have discovered Lindsay's blog. And she's so nice too! How funny about JLH and Barbara Streisand. Last October, I treated myself to an overnight stay in Hollywood for my birthday. When I went to dinner at Katsuya, I apparently walked right past Barbara Streisand on the way to the bathroom - I wouldn't have even noticed, but my waiter told me after I came back. Too funny!