Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hot Summer Days

The temperature outside today was 105. My car said it was 140, but whatever (and that's why I'm an idiot for having a black SUV, ladies and gentlemen). Regardless, it was H-O-T! And while I will sit here and complain about this heat, today's "feels like" temperature has nothing on the hell-like humid awfulness of Houston, TX last summer. Bah!

But anyway, I digress... hot days today make me a little stir crazy. After spending the bulk of the last three years of my life in airports and hotels, I am shocked (and happy) to report that I have done very little traveling since relocating to Southern California last September. My suitcase actually remains unpacked for months at a time... my dog doesn't lose weight (he fasts the first day or two anytime I travel). I haven't stepped inside an airport more than twice in the last 10 months - a new record for me!

All this being said, I kind of miss it. The traveling, that is. Gone are the days of free flights and seat upgrades - those miles are long gone or expired. I miss the adventure of travel! I miss the crappy airport food, the sometimes comfortable hotel beds, the delicious "local" cuisines... Needless to say, I'm ready for a trip that doesn't involve work or a funeral.

Which brings me to my next topic... where to go? And when? Anytime the temperatures are hot like they were today, my mind immediately turns to fall. The crisp fall air, the crunch and color of the autumn leaves, football... and my birthday. I haven't had many good birthdays. I'm not blaming it on anyone or anything - bad luck just seems to linger around on my birthday. I really wish I could just punch Bad Luck in the face sometimes.

Without putting too much expectation on it, I'd really like to enjoy my birthday this year. Last year, I treated myself to a couple of days in Hollywood. I stayed at the W Hotel at Hollywood & Vine, attended a Dia de los Muertos celebration at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, got a pedicure at Bliss Spa, and went on the Warner Bros Studio Tour! All of this was very fun... and lonely. Oh, and did I mention I got food poisoning? Blech!

This year I want to try again, but maybe something a little less busy? I had originally envisioned a repeat trip to NYC for my birthday as I had in 2008:

Standing on the top of the Empire State Building, the day before my 28th birthday

Alas, a trip to NYC would be one I would have to make alone. While I'm comfortable traveling solo, I don't really want to do NYC alone - NYC is a city you want to enjoy with friends or a loved one.

So, after further consideration, I've narrowed my ideas to a few... Although I love the adventure that comes with traveling, this birthday I just want to go to places I know (or where I know people). Here are my ideas so far:

I know I left it in my rearview last fall, but I still have several close and dear friends there. 
Maybe I need to do a return visit?

New Mexico? Aka home! 
I am going there in a month for the birth of my nephew...  
Would October wouldn't be too soon for a repeat performance?

San Diego?
 It's been 3 years since I've been there, and it is one of my favorite cities... 
I love this view from the rooftop bar of the Marriott too! Alas, would it be as much fun alone?

I <3 Disneyland, but I've gone three times in the last 12 months. Excessive? Maybe. Fun? Yes.

I'll sit on this and think a little more. It's very likely that this will be a solo vacation unless I opt to go back home. Maybe a spa trip in Palm Springs or Phoenix could do me good? Hmm. I'll keep you posted.

Until next time...

--- Becks

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